Fredrik Danielsson : Managing Partner

Fredrik Danielsson

Managing Partner
  • Founder of Euro China Capital AB
  • Partner at Private Equity firm Novator LLP (2005-2007)
  • Number one ranked equity analyst in Sweden for three consecutive years (2001-2004)
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Peter Rosta : Partner

Peter Rosta

  • Head of the Swedish Trade Council in China & Hong Kong for 6 years.
  • Provides expertise on China related matters and has access to an extensive network in China both in private industry and public sector.
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Yujun Yun : Junior Analyst

Yujun Yun

Junior Analyst
  • Recruited to act as a more direct channel to the company’s subsidiaries and its subsidiaries and is currently doing a DD with Q&A with suppliers and customers of the company.
  • Studies a M.Sc. in General Management at SSE.
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