What We Offer Companies

Euro China Capital looks upon ourselves as a partner, rather than an advisor. Euro China Capital invests in the companies that we work with and are therefore more aligned with the company in terms of risk versus reward. If we fail in our advise to the company, Euro China Capital will suffer equally. A commitment from Euro China Capital means a long-term partnership.

Euro China Capital is particularly interested in companies that generates a profit, but that are less successful on how to translate their operational success into shareholder value. Unlisted or listed companies with emerging market exposure holds a higher risk of being misperceived by the financial market with the implication that financing becomes difficult. These companies provide a win-win opportunity for Euro China Capital.

Euro China Capital will help the company through its extensive network of investors and by implementing an action plan for a company valuation discount reduction program.

Valuation Discount Reduction Actions by Euro China Capital

Secure sponsorship from Tier-1 advisor

  • Secure a Tier-1 bank to become a financial sponsor including;
    • Putting their name on the IPO prospectus.
    • Equity research coverage.
    • Marketing of shares.

Recruitment of key personnel with regards to the financial markets

  • Recruitment of appropriate board members to create credibility.
  • Recruitment of CFO and IR with an extensive experience and relations to institutions active on relevant markets.

Reporting, policies and market communication

  • Optimize financial reporting to fit and meet demand from analysts and financial institutions.
  • Develop top-notch financial policies to be communicated to the market.
  • Follow relevant corporate governance to the extent possible.
  • Routines for quarterly reports and press releases.
  • Marketing to financial institutions through Euro China Capital’s extensive network.
  • Carefully develop the equity story and create a blue-chip investor presentation.
  • Produce research report on the company focusing on addressing the “red flags” and other elements of market uncertainties.

Marketing, PR and improved company image

  • Training of CEO and CFO to optimize their interaction with investors.
  • New homepage, case studies and interviews with staff.
  • New graphical profile and company name, if needed.
  • Establish and staff an office where the share is or will be listed, if needed.
  • Improve the company image through different measures such as organizing an event around the listing.
  • Make sure leading local financial newspapers writes about the stock at the right time.

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