What We Offer Investors

We deliver unique, well selected, investment opportunities through our extensive network. We often act as co-investors, which ensure dedicated investment management and commitment. Through our co-operation approach with companies we can attain attractive entry valuation to our investors, which in the long run is critical to the risk reward profile in a collection of investments. We can also help private investors with tax planning in connection with their unlisted investments, again, to maximize the risk reward profile. Euro China Capital AB see ourselves as a partner to the target company. We always invest in the companies we work with. When we fail to advise our companies Euro China Capital suffers through the stock price. This fact assures the investors we work with that Euro China Capital is committed to share the same risk and reward perspective as the investors.

Euro China Capital creates value for the investors through:

  • Deep first hand research and due diligence.
  • Identifying and adjusting key elements that a company’s limits financing and valuation.
  • Experience and personal network that can get a company to attract analyst attention and institutional capital.
  • Broad knowledge about financing, equity as well as debt, and a network that facilitates it.
  • Preparation for IPO and M&A in order to attain the best possible value at exit.